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Toys That Teach Robotics - Educational Toys Planet

Educational Toys Planet welcomes you to a world of science, technology, and amazement with our collection of Robotics for Kids. We offer robot making kits for all ages – from fun figurines for your toddler to advanced larger robots for curious young adults.

Posted: Thursday Feb 11, 2021

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Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (2 days ago) Educational Toys Planet presents a world of educational toys, games, crafts and puzzles for kids. Our learning toys encourage your child's curiosity, discovery, and creativity. Our online toy store includes award winning math, language arts toys, science kits, toys that develop motor skills, electronic toys, puzzles, games and much more! We always offer free shipping specials!

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Occupations Stacking Chunky Puzzle - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (25 days ago) Learn different professions, expand vocabulary, improve spatial reasoning, and play with the fun career characters - all with one educational toy! Melissa & Doug's Occupations Stacking Chunky Puzzle brings 9 chunky figurines that are the puzzle pieces and the stand-up toys at the same time. 2 included wooden stands help the little hands to stand the career people on the floor or tabletop. This ...

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Dress It! Careers Matching Game - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (13 days ago) Children can match up the pieces to create the full uniform for each occupation. Or, kids can get creative and mix and match the pieces to create new whimsical working uniforms. The Dress It! Careers Matching Game takes paper dolls to a whole new level as kids learn fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and explore a variety of real world ...

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Who Am I? Matching Learning Game - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (10 days ago) Everyone loves a puzzle, how about doing tons of different ones? Who Am I? Matching Learning Game by the Learning Journey gives you 20 mini-puzzles to do, and the pieces are self-correcting so you can't make mistakes! Your job is to match 3 pieces of a puzzle set: head, body and legs of a person to find out who they are! Is this a fairy? Is that a fireman? Wow, is that one there a princess ...

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Math Toys - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (3 days ago) Welcome to our math toys selection! What kind of attitude do you have toward math? Do you believe that math skills are important job and life skills? Do you see math as useful in everyday life? Or do you dread doing things that involve math, like figuring out how much new carpet you need, balancing the checkbook, reading the technical manual that came with the DVD player?

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Toy Tractors - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (1 months ago) Educational Toys Planet's Toy Tractors section contains various farm vehicles that perform different jobs at the farm or on the field. Ride-on tractors, farm playsets, John Deere vehicle sets, first puzzles, lawn mowers, and other toy tractors guarantee hours of imaginative play at home or in a classroom.

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Toys that Develop Spatial Reasoning - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (1 months ago) Spatial reasoning is a basic skill that will serve your child in a variety of very important ways. For example, a child who has great spatial reasoning skills will be able to construct and build things with ease. They will also be able to gauge and estimate distances and other measurements. They will quiet adept at puzzles and even benefit creatively.

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How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical ...

Posted: (24 days ago) The Godmother of Silicon Valley, legendary teacher, and mother of a Super Family shares her tried-and-tested methods for raising happy, healthy, successful children using Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness: TRICK. Esther Wojcicki—“Woj” to her many friends and admirers—is famous for three things: teaching a high school class that has changed the lives of thousands ...

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Deluxe Wooden Tool Belt 13 pc Set - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (19 days ago) Here is the perfect set of tools for the preschool builders! Deluxe Wooden Tool Belt 13 pc Set is a new Melissa & Doug's classic toy that combines motor skills development with constructive play. This toy tool set comes complete with 5 kids-safe wooden tools, adjustable children tool belt, and 8 building parts. The chunky wooden tools include a hammer, screwdriver, folding ruler, wrench, and ...

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Big First Grade Workbook - 320 pages - Educational Toys Planet

Posted: (19 days ago) Build the skills for first grade success with School Zone Big First Grade Workbook - 320 pages! This activity workbook combines a number of popular School Zone workbooks into one powerful 320-page workbook. The easy-to-follow lessons guide you and your child through essential first grade curriculum including beginning phonics, basic math, reading comprehension, manuscript writing, and much ...

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